Dear Valued Client,
Over the last few months, we have seen a steady increase in the price of fuel. This increase is closely linked to both the exchange rate as well as the barrel price of oil, a price we have seen continue to climb sharply over the last months, with even more dramatic increases over the last couple of weeks.

In November we were hopeful as there was some reprieve during the month. This, however, was short lived and on 1st of December we saw the price begin to climb rapidly. A huge part of our success depends on our logistical capabilities to get product to our various customers in the most effective way and shortest possible time. Unfortunately, a substantial part of our costs is fuel related and whilst everything is done to mitigate these sharp increases, they are starting to put a strain on our costing structures and continued business success.

We wish to inform you that for these reasons mentioned above we have no choice but to relook our delivery service and, to try and avoid as much as possible product price increases, implement a delivery charge on all goods being delivered, either with our own transport or via
use of third-party transporters and couriers.

We will be going forward, as from 1st April 2022, for each delivery and/or quotation add a delivery fee, as a separate line item per sales order, invoice and quotation based on an agreed fee per running kilometre travelled. Although we know and understand that this might be very uncomfortable, we nevertheless thank you for your understanding and support regarding this, and do we assure you that we will try our level best to minimise these costs as far as possible.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
FCS Management.